Patient, friendly, caring, reasonably priced and chose not to charge me for a puppy visit when his skin rash cleared up prior to visit. Completely unexpected but very much appreciated. I have found my life long vet clinic.
— John M.

My girl, now girls have been coming here for a little under a year now. I love dr. White my girls trust him and he’s been nothing but helpful and never charges me for anything unnecessary. I live in downtown Sacramento and drive out to him for my vet care because we like him so much.
— Amber G.

I brought my pug to Dr. White after my sister’s boston terriers received such great care. My pug was having trouble walking and jumping up and down from the couch, even when a treat was involved (this is dramatic). The vet gave him a thorough exam and identified a section of my dogs spine that was causing him great discomfort. After two acupuncture treatments and a chiropractic adjustment, my dog is doing much better. My dog is also taking supplements to make his spine stronger but it also has the side benefit of making his fur softer. I am very happy that I could go to a traditionally trained vet and also receive holistic care for my dog, so that whatever my fur baby needs, he gets
— Noelle M.

Dr. White is amazing with the animals, and explains things better than any vet I’ve ever had. He does not “nickel and dime” his patients (I’ve had vets do that) and he cares about the dogs! I’ve been with him for a while. He cleaned my dog’s teeth (which involved anesthesia) and keep me in the loop the entire time. He’s very gentle with my dog, even when giving chiropractic adjustments—which have really helped my dog’s hip dysplasia. I appreciate his wellness and preventive health attitude.
— Julie W.

I took my two small dogs in to see Dr. White for teeth cleaning and round of shots. I am so glad I did!
One of my little guys has a heart mummer and I was nervous about him going under for the dental exam. Dr. White called me during the procedure to let me know everything!
So glad I brought my boys to see him and his staff!
— Cade S.

Dr. White and Lydia are AMAZING!!! I love how Dr. White is very through with his exams and seems to take the conservative route first before pushing worst case scenario treatment. He does holistic and conventional medicine!!
— Elsie N.