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Winter Pet Accessories

Author:Parkside Animal HospitalDate:2017-12-11
Here are some pet accessories that you may want to consider to keep your pet comfortable this winter.

Equine Dentistry

Author:Parkside Animal HospitalDate:2017-11-20
Read about Equine Dentistry and its benefits at Parkside Animal Hospital in Rocklin, CA.

How to Choose an Equine Veterinarian

Author:Parkside Animal HospitalDate:2017-10-09
Learn more about the tips and guidelines on how to choose the perfect veterinarian for your equine. Contact us at 916-824-2644 for details.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Horses

Author:Parkside Animal HospitalDate:2017-09-04
Whether you race your equine or simply ride for pleasure, chiropractic care can be extremely beneficial for your horse, helping him to live a full, functional and healthy life.

How To Handle Seizures In Dogs And Cats

Author:Parkside Animal HospitalDate:2017-08-18
Find out more about seizures in dogs and cats and what you can do to handle them safely and effectively to get the best outcome for your pet. Call 916-824-2644 for urgent care.

Should You Ignore Your Puppy When She Cries

Author:Parkside Animal HospitalDate:2017-07-25
Owning a puppy is often likened to having a newborn baby, and it is easy to see why. Requiring a lot of time and attention, puppies can be a demanding pet. Learn more about puppies today.

Understanding Pet Food Labels